BACKGROUND: The Sudetenland, with over three million German inhabitants, was a section of Bohemia that had been awarded to Czechoslovakia in 1919 by the treaty of Saint Germain en Laye signed between Austria and the allies at the end of WWI. Hitler claimed that the Germanic Sudetens were being persecuted by the Czech’s as the main premise for the annexation of the area into greater Germany. Hitler also contended that the Sudentenland would be his final territorial claim in Europe. At a meeting in Munich on September 29TH 1938 between Britain’s Chamberlain, France’s Daladier, Italy’s Mussolini and Hitler, without Czechoslovakian input, it was decided that the Sudentenland would be "returned" to Germany and German troops marched into the region on October 1ST 1938.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A bi-fold document expressing condolences that has the official seal from the NSDAP "Gau Sudentland" with the appropriate signatures. Included are two black and white actual photographs of the SdP member, as well as one from the ceremony. The condolences document has a horizontal fold due to storage. The document measures approximately 15cm x 21cm, and the photographs 8.5cm x 11.5cm and 5cm x 7.5cm (handwriting is present to the reverse). Rare.

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