BACKGROUND: German State Forestry agencies were consolidated into the Reichsforstbeamte, (National Forestry Service), on April 22ND 1938, and uniform regulations introduced the Official’s belt buckle to replace the assorted pattern belt buckles worn by official’s of the various state organizations. The new pattern buckle came in a burnished black finish for wear with the service uniform, natural aluminum for the parade and dress uniform and in a gilt finish for ranks of Oberlandesforstmeister and above. The natural aluminum buckles were worn on both a dark green leather and brocade belts. All National Forestry Service belts and buckles were discontinued in late 1943.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The roughly,55mm wide, 50mm tall, horizontally oval, stamped, two piece, natural aluminum, belt buckle features a highly embossed oak-leaf wreath encompassing a slightly domed, pebbled central field. Reverse of the buckle is a mirror image of obverse and has a separate circular plate insert with crimped catch and retaining hook. Circular plate is secured by crimped outer edges of the buckles obverse. Retaining hook secures the open rectangular bar. Unmarked example. Buckle comes complete with a roughly 44mm wide silver/aluminum brocade belt with two 5mm wide, parallel, horizontal green stripes. Belt has two vertical keepers, one on either end, in the same brocade pattern as the belt. Reverse of belt has a protective green wool backing. The belt has it’s grey leather retaining tounge intact.     (Ex Philippe Gillain Collection)

GRADE ****1/2                                                         PRICE $230.00

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