N014378 1933 N.S.B.O. DONATION BADGE. (Schenkungabzeichen)

A 53mm x 27mm, bronze-colored, stamped alloy "tinnie" to whose top is the N.S.B.O. emblem of, to the right, a disembodied hand holding upright a hammer with a static swastika to its head, with a partial cogged wheel proceeding to the left. Underneath the emblem is the embossed quotation, "Es Wird Künftig Nur Noch Einen Adel Geben - Adel der Arbeit" (It Will-become [in the] Future Only One Nobility [to] Give - Nobility of Work), with "Adolf Hitler" and "1933" beneath it. Oak leaves descend from either side of the quotation, and an eagle with outstretched wings clutching a wreathed, mobile swastika is to the base of the badge. To its unmarked, hollow-backed reverse is soldered a horizontal pin-back device. Light surface scratches and age darkening may be seen to the obverse.

GRADE ****                                                         PRICE $37.00

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