N013373 DJ MARKSMAN'S BADGE. (DJ-Schiessabzeichen)

BACKGROUND: In 1936, "Reichsjugendführer" Baldur von Schirach established a Hitler Youth Firearms School in Obermatzfeld, Thuringia, to stimulate expertise in firearm handling and to further the para-military training of the HJ. Shortly after the establishment of this School, von Schirach instituted a Marksman’s badge for HJ members who had proven their proficiency with firearms, which was followed in 1938 by the establishment of a Sharpshooter’s badge for the HJ and a new Marksman’s badge for the DJ, with each badge having different award criteria. The Hitler Youth Marksman’s badge, the first and lowest class badge, was awarded to qualifying members over the age of fourteen for proficiency in target shooting with small caliber rifles. To qualify, the accurate results of five shots fired from a unsupported prone position, five shots from a supported prone position, and five shots from an unsupported kneeling position were required. The DJ badge was awarded to members under the age of 14 with the use of air rifles instead of a regular .22 caliber rifle.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A approximately 22mm diameter, convex alloy badge, whose obverse features four concentric silver-washed rings against a black enamel background, to the center of which is affixed the single DJ sigrune, with crossed, silver-washed rifles behind it. The 9mm tall sigrune is in white enamel with a few small chips. A horizontal pin-back device is crimped to a circular plate soldered to its reverse. RZM mark, partially under the backing plate.

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