N010879 HJ "POTSDAM" YOUTH DAY BADGE. (Potsdam-Abzeichen)

BACKGROUND: On October 1ST & 2ND 1932, Reichsjugendführer Baldur von Schirach organized the first National Youth Day held in Potsdam. As with most rallies/events sponsored by the NSDAP a small commemorative "day" badge was produced for issue to the participants and sale to the spectators. Originally the badge was only issued in a bronze version for wear on the day of the event. The event was such a great success with roughly 85,000 male and 15,000 female participants, over five times the expected amount, that in November 1936 the badge gained official national status as a Commemorative Honor Badge, and was reproduced in a silver version. Of Note: After the official recognition of the badge the original bronze version was forbidden from further wear.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Bronze washed commemorative version. Badge is in the form of a vertical rectangle with embossed outer border and an embossed, downward pointing broad sword with an oak-leaf wreath encompassing a static swastika superimposed on the hilt of the sword, all on a slightly pebbled background field. Background field has embossed script, "NS I. Reichs Jugendtag", (National Socialist 1ST National Youth Day), with a smooth field banner to bottom with impressed date, "1932". Vertical pin back device is intact to reverse. Maker marked to F.Hoffstätter, Bonn.

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