N009673 POLITICAL BELT & OPEN CLAW BELT BUCKLE. (Koppel mit Zweidornschnalle)

BACKGROUND: The open claw belt buckle was authorized for wear by almost all political and military organizations during the Third Reich, with a variety of different institution dates. Belts for Political Leaders were initially produced of chocolate brown leather, until 1939 when the Havana brown coloration was chosen as its replacement. Similar, blackened, belts were worn by a variety of political organizations, such as the NSKK and NSFK, with the color of the buckle being some indication of rank, gold rating higher than silver.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The die struck alloy, pebbled front, open rectangular, double claw belt buckle, measuring 45mm x 75mm, with a gilt wash. Buckle is nicely RZM marked and still has the original paper tag attached. The 58mm wide brown leather belt, 105cm long, has one end folded over and riveted around the buckle, while the other end comes to a rounded point with seven pairs of buckling holes. The belt itself has impressed lines to each outer edge.

GRADE ****1/2 P                            RICE $440.00 (Or Best Offer)

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