N009079 KdF KOLN/AACHEN BADGE. (KdF Gau Abzeichen)

BACKGROUND: Free Trade Unions in Germany were dissolved when the Nazis came to power in 1933, their members being absorbed into the newly created DAF, "Deutsche Arbeitsfront" (German Labor-front). The DAF was originally a sub-section of the NSDAP, but became an affiliated organization by 1936, and was the largest of all of the various Nazi organizations. The stated aims of the DAF were to create a national community of German professional and manual laborers, and to educate them in National Socialist principles. Membership was voluntary, but most workers chose to join to take advantage of the entertainment, sport, and travel opportunities provided by the attached KdF, "Kraft durch Freude" (Strength through Joy), welfare organization. The Volkswagen, for example, was a KdF project designed to provide German workers with a reliable and inexpensive vehicle, initially being called the "KdF Wagen."

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: An alloy badge in the form of an oval, 32mm tall, whose enameled obverse features, to its top half, a white backdrop to a partial KdF logo rising from behind a landscape of green mountains, with the wavy lines of a river against the white base beneath them. The KdF logo is comprised of a black, mobile swastika, within a fourteen-toothed black cog, and with arching lines radiating out from four of its extremities, creating a sunwheel swastika. To the bottom half of the obverse is a shield, within which is a red, horizontal band with three crowns against it, these above a white quarter-moon with five, then four, then two drop-like shapes to it, and a black, heraldic eagle to the right of both. Scrolled along the black band underneath the shield is "‘Kraft d. Freude’ Gau Köln Aachen." The edges of the obverse, its aforementioned script, the backdrop to the eagle, the "drops," and the crowns within the shield, the wavy lines of the river, the articulations of the mountains, the radiating lines of the sunwheel swastika, and the circular backdrop to the cogged swastika, are all in the natural golden color of its base alloy. To the reverse is soldered a circular base plate, unto which is crimped a vertical pin-back device, with "F. Hoffstätter" and "Bonn" embossed beneath it.

GRADE *** 3/4                                                         PRICE $49.00

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