R01052 REPRINT FG42 TRAINING MANUAL. A 5 5/8" x 8 1/2", softcover, eighty-four page book, upon whose orange cover is printed "Teil 1" (Part 1), "FG 42," and "Fallschirmjägergewehr 42" (Paratrooper-[automatic] rifle [model 19]42). To its first page is printed, in English, "Technical Manual For German FG-42," an indication that this reprint is limited to 2000 copies, and the publisher’s name and address. A 1973 copyright is to the base of the next page. The remainder of the book is a reproduction of the original manual, written entirely in German, and featuring twenty-seven black and white photographs and nine technical line drawings, five of which are double-page spreads. The drawings and photographs dissect every part of the weapon, down to its nuts and bolts, with each element addressed in the text. Near the end of the book is a "Teil 2" (Part 2), which briefly addresses the "M 10-42 und M 20-42 10 und 20 Schuß-Magazin 42" (M 10-42 and M 20-42 10 and 20 Round-Magazine 42). Extremely light age and usage soiling is evident to its pages, and only slightly more so to its covers. Of Note: This selective-fire automatic rifle was developed expressly for German airborne troops during the Second World War, with only about 7000 having been made. Its innovative piston and bolt assembly was later adapted for use in the American M60 GPMG.

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