C17454 U.S. M10 COMBAT ENGINEER'S PICK/MATTOCK & CARRIER. These were manufactured from 1910 throughout WW2 with little change. The only major differences are in the paint color used, as well as, the carriers used in WW1 were made of khaki web while in WW2 they changed it to olive green drab. The pick/mattock is made of steel painted dark green to match the WW2 olive green drab. It is 13 3/4" long, 2 1/4" wide at the mattock end and 1/4" wide pick. It does have some rust, however minimal, they are located in the center, where the handle encounters the pick/mattock. As well as, at the edge of the mattock and the edge of the pick. The handle is made of wood and it is also painted an olive green. It is approximately 16 " long, and 2 " wide, at its widest peak. The handle shows wear at the points where the pick/mattock would slide down. The pick/mattock simply slides onto the handle and is secured by slamming it into place. There are no markings on this tool. The carrier, which is made from olive green drab, is about 15" long and 3" wide. The pick/mattock fits inside the carrier and is strapped into place, while the handle simply slides into the two webbed strap that are located on the exterior of the carrier. There are two steel belt hooks while below it, on one of the web strap, there is "U.S" ink stamped in black. The only other marking found on this tool is on the interior of the carrier, in the center, which states; J. A. Shoe 1944, also inkstamp in black. This entrenching tool, is in exquisite condition, and it appears to have been used minimally. It appears as if, the handle, pick/mattock are the only items used in this combination.

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