C096162 U.S.N. OXYGEN RESCUE BREATHING APPARATUS GROUPING. A Type A-1 NORBA ,self contained oxygen generating breathing apparatus, that is used aboard ships in the event of fire. The face piece is made of black oil resistant rubber with a head piece of six adjustable straps. Two large 10cm x 6.5cm lenses allow the wearer a wider scope of vision. "USN" is visible at the top. The head harness holds the piece in itís proper position to prevent leakage around the edge of the mask. Extending from the chinís hard plastic mount are two rubber accordion style tubes with the shorter (approximately 25cm) is the inhalation tube while the other (approximately 40cm long) is the exhalation valve. The inhalation tube carries fresh oxygen to the face piece while the exhalation tube carries exhaled breath to the container. The exhalation valve is a one way valve that is also known as the "flutter valve." A pressure relief and saliva valve is located in the cross tube below the chin. It automatically relieves pressure with the face piece, but the wearer may also press the spring load button to exhaust exhaled air. The moisture from the exhaled air reacts with the chemicals in the canister to produce oxygen. The canister also absorbs the carbon dioxide from the exhaled breath. A new canister must be inserted before each use as there is no way to accurately measuring the remaining contents of the canister. A manual timer (which still works) is used when the equipment is put into operation and gives warning when the canister is almost done. A canister usually holds 45 minutes of air. The breast plate holds the canister and protects the wearer from the heat generated by the unit. The waterproofed canvas vest has two webbed straps extending from the solders forward with spring clips for the attachment of the canister with two valve openings to the side for the attachment of tubes. There is some cracking to the interior of the vest with water stains. There are some disadvantages to this type of apparatus as it is flammable and the wearer may not hear the warning bell when the time is running out. The advantages are that is lightweight and portable. Overall this grouping shows typical wear and tear from usage with the rubber still being quite supple with no tears.

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