C083562 RAF SPITFIRE ALTIMETER. An altimeter whose black bakelite housing is about 3" in diameter and 3 3/4" deep. Under glass and upon its face are, what may originally have been luminescent, numbers from zero to nine, with four graduation lines between each number. The paint that lined the numbers has mostly fallen out and is loose under the glass. There are three different length arms extending from the center the longest would measure 100 feet per number the middle one 1000 feet and the short one 10,000 feet. The altimeter was designed for a 35,000 foot maximum. Embossed to the face is "MK XIVA No 11520/39", "REF. No, 6A/685" and "KELVIN, BOTTOMLEY & BAIRD, LTD". To the base of the front is a knob that was used to adjust the altimeter based on the barometric pressure so that it would read the correct altitude. To the reverse of the housing is a hole though which a fitting would have normally protruded but is missing. Embossed to the reverse is a "K" and an "A" and "M" underneath a King's crown. Although the altimeter is no longer functional it is still a nice piece of history.

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