C060971 U.S. COMBAT VEHICLE SIGNAL FLAGS. Each combat vehicle was equipped with three signal flags that were used to signal the convoy directly overhead of the vehicle, or in the case of a tank, through the top of the turret. The three flags, red, orange and green were used in a few different combinations that include: Red - the enemy is in sight, with the green used to signal an all clear or understood, while the orange was used as disregard or vehicle out of action. Orange and green used together signaled "Assembly or Close", red and orange signaled "Extend", red and green signaled "Disperse" while red, orange and green signaled "Gas". This webbed pouch is divided into three individual pockets for the three different colours. It is complete with a single snap flap, webbed straps to the reverse to secure to the interior for easy access, and is stamped "CS-90 to the front. The flags staffs are all marked "MC-270" with the red flag marked "MC-273", orange flag marked "MC-274" and the green flag marked "MC-275". The flags each measure approximately 41cm square and are in very good condition. The flap to the pouch has a hole torn to the rear and two smaller holes to the bottom. The flags with pouch measures approximately 14cm x 94cm.

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