C059267 "STALAG 344" POW DOG TAG.

BACKGROUND: Stalag VIII-B was a notorious German Army POW camp located in Lamsdorf Poland. It originally was a prisoner camp during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 and British and French prisoners in WWI. In 1943, 100,000 Allied prisoners came into the camp which forced the camp to be split up. Many of the prisoners of war and sub camp workers were transferred into Stalag VIII-C Sagan and Stalag VIII-D Teschen making the base camp Stalag 344. A part of Stalag VIII-B was separated by newly built barbed wire fences creating a camp within a camp. The Allied compound was broken into eight separate compounds (Canadian, RAF, WOG, Hospital Repat, Work and three for the British. The Canadian barrack housed mostly Dieppe Veterans with a few American Rangers and British Commando’s. The camp was surrounded by two 9' high barbed wire fences. The POW’s were liberated by the Red Army 17-18 March 1945 where they began "The March."

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A zinc/alloy tag measuring approximately 6cm x 4cm with a perforated line to the middle and three holes to three corners. The tag is unbroken. The surface is pitted with "Stalag 344 Nr. 40244" stamped to the surface. This information is printed to either side. Pitting and verdigris present to each side.

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