BACKGROUND: The "Sten" submachine gun took its name from the initials of the surnames of its designers, Shepherd and Turpin, and the Enfield factory where it was originally produced. Designed in 1941, using ideas from both the German MP 28 and MP 40, it was simple to manufacture and had a blowback system using a heavy bolt and a strong return spring. The Mark II was further simplified and became the most widely distributed version; used not only by the British and their commonwealth satellites, but also by resistance movements throughout Europe. The bolt and barrel were machined, with the remaining parts being stamped or pressed, and the entire assembly pinned or welded together.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: With an overall length of 78cm, its short barrel, upon which is stamped "2034", is partially housed in a tubular sleeve, which has three horizontal sets of three circular perforations to it. A tube of the same circumference as this sleeve extends back from it and comprises the body. To the top of where the sleeve meets the body is an inverted "V" sight. Behind this, to the left, extends the receiver for the magazine, with its release catch above it, and to the right, the ejector port for spent rounds. "Sten Mk II Long Branch 1943" is stamped to the top of the magazine receiver. A horizontal groove runs along the right side of the body of the submachine gun, for the bolt. A raised tab to the top of the body at its end has a circular sight to it. The trigger housing is beneath the body, to the left side of which is a button with "R" stamped to it, with "A" stamped to a similar button to the right side. A one-piece metal stock extends from behind the body and trigger assembly. Cocks but does not click. Original 1944 dated sling is included.

Please note, due to Postal Regulations. De-activated firearms and Inert Ordnance may not be shipped outside of Canada.

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $899.00

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