BACKGROUND: At the beginning of September 1939, the Canadian soldier looked remarkably like his counter part from 1918, wearing the 1914-18 pattern khaki service dress and the 1908-pattern web equipment. It was in September 1939 that the Canadian Army officially adopted the battle dress that had just been approved for use by the British in March 1939 and the first new uniforms arrived the last week of October. At first, Canadian troops embarking to Great Britain, were completely clothed in Canadian made battledress and upon arrival were then issued British steel helmets and modern 1937-pattern webbing. Canadian individual equipment was copied directly from the British 1937-pattern web equipment with manufacture starting at the beginning of 1940 and mass distribution began in October of the same year. The Canadian equipment differed its British equivalent by its yellow colouring and the brown paint used to cover the metal parts.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A web belt about 86.5cm or 34" long by 4cm wide. One end has a crimped plate with two vertical grommets. The other end is folded over and stitched to its self to create a loop though which a, buckle has been inserted. A strip of web has been sewn over the top to create a loop to through which the excess belt would be secured. The belt is stamped "D.R. Co. Ltd." "S", as well as, "C" broad arrow marked. It appears to be dated for 1943.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $61.00

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