BACKGROUND: Basic human instinct dictates that soldiers in the field, regardless of nationality, long for their loved ones at home. As a result it was very common for these soldiers to purchase, or appropriate, "sweetheart" items and send them home. Although there was almost an unlimited selection of "sweetheart" items one of the most popular items were the photograph postcards which were relatively inexpensive, easily mailed and distinctly personal.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 5 1/2" x 3 1/2", mid-weight card stock postcard with a black and white photograph of three Serbian uniformed infantrymen standing in front of a tree leaning on their sabers. In the background behind the tree can be seen part of a spoke wheeled car. On the reverse there is a single vertical line separating the back into two spaces, one side has four horizontal lines for text while the other side has a date "13.VIII.1939" with three names below. The postcard is in great shape with some minor age soiling and light yellowing to the edges on the reverse.

GRADE****                             PRICE $36.00

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