BACKGROUND: The MK VIII goggles were introduced in April 1943 as a further development of the MK series of flight goggles. The MK series originated in 1917 and was based on the popular commercial "Triplex" goggles. They represented the very best in goggle design and proved very popular with RAF crews and also with Americans who were either serving in England or on British bases. They remained in service with only minor improvements for over twenty-five years.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A pair of lightweight brass frames, about 20cm by 8cm, painted a dull grey to minimize reflections, mounted on a brown leather padding. The split, laminated safety glass lenses, were designed to allow the wearer to use their peripheral vision. One of the lenses has a crack extending from the outside. The brass frames are stitched to the leather pads which extend slightly out from the edges of the frames to help protect the wearers face. The frames are joined together by a leather nose piece and a brass assembly that has a hinged center and a three way sliding spring clip at either end. A two piece, adjustable, elasticized fabric strap, with ends sewn on double looped steel clip while the other piece is threaded through the clip and folded back on itself and ends in a sliding abutment buckle. The two straps are attached to the goggles by sewn on leather ends with "D" rings which are clipped into spring clips. The goggles, showing typical usage and wear, are in good condition with the leather still pliable.

GRADE *** 1/2                             PRICE $268.00

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