C038977 CANADIAN PARATROOPER'S KNIFE & MULTI-TOOL. A multi-purpose knife featuring a single-edged blade, a Marlin spike, and a double-edged blade, all in polished steel, all folding into a polished steel housing. The double-edged blade has a short post to the center of one of its sides which is accommodated by a notch in the housing when in its folded position. To the base of the single-edged blade is stamped the makerís mark: "O.M.F." A "C-broad arrow" is stamped to the housing near the bases of both the single and double-edged blades. A lanyard ring is affixed to the opposite end of the housing. Light to moderate surface spotting and pitting is visible to the blades and spike, although the housing is only lightly surface scratched. Included is a post war multi-tool that is an adjustable wrench with a nail file (marked Seki Japan), small spike and a single edge blade marked "Utica Para" which is a U.S. company. Shows heavy wear and spotting. Picked up as a pair. Knife is WW2 production and the Multi-tool early 50's, so probably used by a Canadian during the Korean ware period. Both are from the same estate.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $149.00

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