BACKGROUND: In the late 19th Century, as Canada developed its own military forces, the Canadian Militia created organizational corps patterned after the British model. The Corps of Military Staff Clerks was created in 1912 and was disbanded in 1946 after the war.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A slightly convex oval tag, 32mm x 25mm with a hole on either side to which two small lengths of chain are attached. One of the two chains has a small oval of aluminum wire that passes through the last link and the short piece has a hook at the end that has been bent over the aluminum wire. The shorter chain appears to have been broken as two of the links are joined together by a piece of black thread. The obverse of the oval has the text "V.M.Savage" and "G.52486" along its upper and lower edge and the Corps of Military Staff Clerks crest to its center made of silver and enamel. The crest consists of a circle, with the Kings Crown on top, super imposed on a pair of crossed quill pens, with silver text, "Corps of Military Staff Clerks", around the edge in a blue enamel border. At the center of the circle on a field of white enamel is a beaver in silver. The reverse is stamped with an "E" within a diamond and a circle with an unknown symbol inside with the text "Sterling" in-between. Below that is the text "Otis". The tag show signs of moderate wear and are darkening with noticeable wear to the center of the crest.

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