C034756 U.S. RUCKSACK.

BACKGROUND: With the development of Alpine Troop Divisions it was found that the standard backpack used by the U.S. Army, the M-1928 haversack, was not up to the task as all of the gear carried by a mountain soldier could not fit into it. The rucksack that was designed was based on the Norwegian Bergen Norse Pac and was capable of carrying all the equipment needed by ski and mountain troops.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A dark-khaki colored rucksack made from canvas with web straps. It has a large central pocket with a drawstring closure and a large fold over flap that has two web straps with crimped steel end caps. These straps mate with two friction buckles that are attached to the bottom of the rucksack by smaller web straps. To the inside of the flap is a pocket with a zipper closure and is stamped "Varied", "1942". On the outside of the pack are three pouch pockets, one close to the top at the center and one to either side of it lower down on the pack, each with flap closures with leather straps that have four adjustment holes that mate with single prong steel buckles attached to the front of the pockets. The rucksack is mounted on an olive green, tubular steel, removable, frame by straps at the bottom and a leather reinforcement inside and out at the top. Stenciled in white to the pack below the central pocket is "81815F". Hand written to the outside of the large flap is the name "E. Schacker" with his personal roster number below. Also stamped to the flap is "US". The rucksack is in good condition with one seam starting to split on the main pocket at the top, a small repair to one side at the bottom, some oxidization to the steel parts but otherwise is intact with moderate usage staining.

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