BACKGROUND: The air force of the Independent State of Croatia, which was a puppet state of Germany and Italy, was formed following the German invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941. The Croatian air force, originally a volunteer unit of the Luftwaffe, was sent to Germany for training in 1941 before being sent to the Eastern Front (1941-1943). They formed a fighter and bomber squadron that consisted of 650 aircraft. Due to the fact, they were part of the German Luftwaffe, their uniforms were nearly identical.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A pair of tan, canvas flight pants that has a 34cm long zipper to the front that is covered, to the top by a flap with a pair of snaps. Zipper pockets to each hip are also present that allow access to the garments worn underneath. There are four, brown buttons to the front, along the waist that have "For Gentlemen" to them. The legs are straight with a 38cm long zipper to the interior of each leg, as well as a small strap with snap to stop the zipper from working itself upward. All zippers are in good working order and are marked "Ritsch", while the snaps are all marked "PRYM". A label visible to the interior of the waist reads "Knebl & Dietrich, Indija Croatia" as well as a faint date that may be "1942". The flight trousers show light usage and surface wear. The waist measures approximately 36" with a 30" breech. Rare.

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $750.00

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