BACKGROUND: Webbing was a new form of material made from pre shrunk, pre dyed, water proofed, cotton. Designed by a United States Army officer, Captain Mills, it was much tougher than the leather used for all previous military equipment and did not suffer from the unfortunate problem of shrinkage in wet conditions.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A general purpose carrying strap that replaced the old strap that was equipped with "D" rings. It is a two piece, olive-drab, web strap, about 1 15/16" wide. The shorter of the two pieces, about 2 1/2" long, has a, black painted, steel "D" ring at one end and a black painted steel spring snap hook at the other. The other piece, about 40" long, is threaded through the steel "D" ring and ends in a blackened brass adjustment friction buckle through which it passes while the other end has a black painted steel spring snap hook. Stamped in black ink to the strap is "U.S.," "Morrow & Douglas" and the date "1945." The strap has some light usage staining and wear to the blackening on the metal but is otherwise in good condition with all its stitching intact.

GRADE***3/4                             PRICE $25.00

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