BACKGROUND: In 1937, The British specified a web pattern, for use in personal equipment, made of woven waterproofed cotton, and used it though out the war. In 1942 they issued some changes such as a new frog for the mark II bayonet and increasing the height of the basic pouches to accommodate the Sten SMG magazines. Of Note: Canadian personal equipment was a direct copy of the British 1937-pattern web equipment with manufacture starting in early 1940 and distribution beginning in October of the same year. The Canadian equipment differed from its British counterpart by its yellower colored webbing and the brown paint used to cover the metal parts. The RAF webbing was a light blue-grey in color.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Two large light blue-grey webbed canvas single-pocket "universal" basic pouches, as issued with the 1937 web pattern, in which infantrymen could carry extra Bren gun magazines as well as their own ammunition. To the forward edge of the top fold-over flap is a brass stud which mates with a brass button on an extended tab proceeding from the center front of the pouch. To the reverse is, to the top, a brass buckle sewn to an extended tab (for the suspenders), and two vertical brass belt hooks on either side of the center (for the belt). One of the pouches has had the belt hooks removed. Stamped in black to the interior of the fold-over flaps is the "broad-arrow" above a "55", "MK III", "MECo" and the dates "1942" on one and "1943" on the other. Other than the missing belt hooks the pouches are in good condition.

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