C019069 U.S.N. MKI FIGHTING KNIFE. A blued fighting knife and scabbard with an integral frog. The knife’s alloy pommel is matt grey colored, oval in section, with a rounded top. The grip is comprised of layers of compressed, brown leather washers, with black-yellow-red-black laminations at either end. A larger black lamination is immediately before its matt grey alloy single cross guard. The unsharpened knife is, 5 1/4" (13.5cm) long. Stamped to its ricasso is "RH" and "-35" to either side of "PAL" within a horizontal oval, beneath which arches "Made In U.S.A." To the reverse ricasso is stamped "U.S.N." and "Mark I." Although most of the bluing to its blade appears to have been retained, light surface scabbard runner marks are evident. The 15cm long, pressure-formed, cloth-reinforced, grey-green plastic scabbard has a slightly wider metal throat crimped to it, and tapers at its tip, where there is a hole for a tie string. To the obverse of the throat, which has a patina of light surface spotting to it, is stamped "U.S.N." and "MK 1." To its reverse is stamped "Nord-8114," underneath of which is "B.M.Co.," a "1" over a "7," and "vp." A vertical projection extends from the back of the throat, to which is doubly riveted a olive drab webbed canvas strap, which folds back upon itself and is sewn to form a belt loop. The frog has a horizontal retaining strap riveted to the upper portion of its formed belt loop, with a brass snap button. The body of the scabbard has light surface scratching to it.

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