This set represents the equipment worn in the early years of the War in the campaigns in the Solomon Islands. All items are weathered from sun and salt water, but are in excellent condition, with no rot, and all snaps function. As with all Marine Corps equipment the items range from WWI to WWII Marine Corps and Army issue.

M1936 Marine Corps Pistol Belt, pre War contract, stenciled USMC

M1918 .45 Pistol Magazine Pouch, dated 1918

M1910 First Aid Pouch, dated 1913, with early War red painted Carlisle Bandage

Marine Corps Depot manufactured Canteen Case, 1st model with glove snaps.

Enameled 1910 Canteen (some chips) dated 1942 & 1918 dated Canteen Cup

Marine Corps Depot manufactured Canteen Case, 2nd model with lift the dot snaps

Enameled 1910 Canteen (some chips) dated 1942

Marine Corps depot manufactured Field Bag that could be worn as a musette bag, or a pack. bag is marked: "Lt. W.L. Studt"

50 Round Drum Magazine Pouch for M1928 Thompson submachine gun, unmarked with U.S. as used by the Marine Corps

M1916 .45 Pistol Holster, marked Graton & Knight Co. U.S. on back. There is no U.S. embossed on the flap. This is possibly a private purchase , but regulation, holster.

E.G Waterman Knife, 7 inch blade This was a common knife acquired by Marines before the issue of the Kabar in 1943

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