BACKGROUND: The plywood pack board was developed by the U.S. Army due to the need for a general use loading system so troops could carry heavy, bulky loads in rough terrain where wheeled vehicle could not travel. The pack board had been used in remote parts of northern North America for years and many types were available. The Army chose the "Yukon" design and refined it for military use.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A pack board made from a piece of formed plywood 24" high by 15" wide. The pack board comes equipped with a canvas back laced to the pack board with rope through eight holes on either side. The original cotton webbing shoulder straps are bolted towards the top of the board and end in tongue less buckles which join with cotton webbing straps which are looped through the lower sides of the frame and fastened to themselves with three rivets. Down either side of the frame are four lashing hooks that are attached by two dome rivets. The backboard has four large holes, the lower three which were used for mounting the Pack board cargo attachment. Stamped to the back at the top is the manufacturers name, model number and date "American Seating Co", "0 1-12303-4X-0" "5-24-44"

GRADE *** 3/4                             PRICE $45.00

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