This set, given the dates and style of the individual items, represents what would have been carried in the campaigns of 1944 & 1945. The set exhibits a uniform degree of use. The green tarnish on the belt fittings, from salt air, has been deliberately left un-cleaned. At this stage of the war a mix of Army and specific USMC equipment was common.

M1923 Cartridge Belts, dated Boyt - 1943 & stenciled USMC

M1941 Cartridge Belt Suspenders, unmarked

A pair of USMC cross flap canteen covers, 1st pattern with no funnel holes in the bottom. Marine Equipment Depot markings can not longer be discerned

A pair of steel M1910 Canteens, each dated 1944, and Canteen Cup dated 1943

M1942 First Aid Pouch with Carlisle Dressing

Jungle First Aid Kit , dated 1944, with contents, a mix of Army and USN medical supplies

"Kabar" Knife, manufactured by Kabar, Marked USMC

M1 Bayonet, marked American Fork and Hoe, dated 1943 exhibits weathering and wear consistent with the set.

M1941 Haversack with pair of web bedroll straps, unmarked and undated

M1941 Knapsack, with pair of web field expedient bedroll straps, manufactured by Boyd - 1943

USMC Camouflaged Shelter half, with 3 canvas, camouflaged bedroll straps

USMC Blanket, mid war production with stripes at ends but no "USMC" stencil

M1910 Shovel with U.S. Army cover - dated 1943

M1910/1932 Mess Kit with knife, fork and spoon

Marine Corps folding ration heater, with USMC marked heat tablets

Waterproof match safe, with WWII issue tropical/waterproof matches

Waterproof Jungle ration bag, dated 1943, also used to keep personal items dry.

USN, issued to Marine Corps, gas cover, used as expedient shelters, dated 1944

Late War USMC style shelter tent pole

Shelter Tent rope and 5 pegs.

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