BACKGROUND: Sam Browne was a British officer who was serving in India when he lost his left arm in combat. In that time, officers wore a sword into battle which hung from the waist belt in a frog, but when charging the enemy, the sword had to be steadied with the left hand. Sam was now unable to perform this movement, but cam up with the alternative of wearing a second belt that extended over the right shoulder and held the scabbard in place. It soon became part of the standard uniform. The "Sam Browne" harness was normally worn by officers with the Service Dress Jacket and consisted of a waist belt, one or two cross braces, a pistol holster, an ammunition pouch and a sword frog with hanger straps. The harness items were made from polished bridle leather and depending on the regiment, with brass or white metal fittings. With the introduction of the austerity pattern jacket, the "Sam Browne" harness was replaced with cloth belts.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A "Sam Browne" harness assembly which consists of the belt with single cross strap and sword frog. A nice quality, mid-brown, 5.5cm wide leather belt. The belt features, to one end, a double-clawed brass buckle, brass retaining stud, and leather retaining loop. Six pairs of buckling holes, for the buckle, and six centered single holes, for the retaining stud, are to the other end of the belt. Near the buckle end are four brass "D" rings, positioned above and below one another in two set. A brass hook is affixed on the belt between the two sets of "D" rings. The upper "D" rings were for attaching the cross strap while the lower ones were for the sword frog, which is present. The brown, two piece leather cross strap is made up of a long shoulder strap. The belt measures approximately 48" (122cm) long with the cross straps measuring approximately 3cm x 36" (91cm). A handwritten name for "J.A. Melanson" "R.C.A. M.G." is to the underside. The leather of shows typical usage and wear with cracking to the leather, but it does remain supple.

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