Signal Trumpet and Banner to the legendary 1er REI Motorized Company (CA) of the French Foreign Legion formed in 1936. The horseshoe represents the 2e REIís mounted company, from which the 1er REI Motorized Company (CA) was formed. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of Foreign Legion history. The red, green and yellow trumpet banner is made from felt. It is very sun-faded and shows considerable moth damage to the felt in several places. All of the nap of the felt is gone from age. A then metal reinforcing wire in the banner keeps it stiff when attached to the original pre-WW2 era French military trumpet, which marked to a different French unit, which was either found on the battlefield or "borrowed" by the Legion from another unit, but with classic Legion red fittings (pom-poms). This fabled Foreign Legion unit was equipped with armored cars and in WW2, with American jeeps. They fought in North Africa before WW2, then with the Allies against the Germans in North Africa in a role much like the British LRDG, then continued fighting to maintain order in French colonies in North Africa after the war. The design of the flaming bomb on the insignia dates this banner to the early days of the unit. The double sided banner measures approximately 32cm x 25cm, while the trumpet measures approximately 50cm tall with a 14.6cm diameter bell. The front of the trumpet is clearly marked "C.H. Rinkel, Strassbourg" and "Couesnon & Cie, Paris", as well as a flaming bomb with the number "27" to the body. The number "2" and "P.H." is just above the lip. Unit History included.

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