PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A Swiss infantry backpack which is made from brown cowhide covering a rigid frame. The pack is about 16 1/2" high, 9 3/4" wide and 4" deep. The fold back, cowhide covered, flap has four horizontal leather loops, two at the top and two to the front, a cowhide covered pouch pocket with fold over flap closure with a horizontal leather loop and three hole adjustable leather strap and mating steel roller buckle to the lower half and two, vertical, leather closure straps to the interior of the bottom edge with corresponding, leather reinforced, pronged steel roller buckles situated on the bottom of the pack. On either side are single vertical leather loops. The leather loops enabled equipment straps to be attached to the pack to allow mess kits, bed rolls and other equipment to be carried. The interior of the flap is lined with white canvas and has a pocket to the bottom half with a ,central, reinforced, vertical slit opening. The white canvas lined interior pocket covers the bottom half of the pack with the top half having a double vertical flap closure with two three hole horizontal adjustable leather straps with mating steel roller buckles. There are two indecipherable circular ink stamps to the interior along with the hand written numbers "02" and "440079" to the back of one of the flaps. The main carrying straps are designed to be easily removed and are made of three sewn together pieces, a leather end with an eyelet that is attached to the top of the pack by being passed around a wood dowel and clipped back to itself by means of the rivet, the central web shoulder strap and the lower ends which are long leather straps with seven adjustment holes. The lower end of one strap attaches to a roller buckle sewn to the bottom of the pack while the other strap has a roller buckle with a "D" ring that slides over a hook attached to the bottom of the pack. Attached to the bottom of the reverse of the pack are two leather pads, about 2 3/4" high, 3" wide and 3/4" deep that keep the shoulder strap attaching buckle and hook away from the wearers back.

Riveted between the pads is a metal stud with a metal tongue that extends about 1 1/2" upwards and a leather strap with a small hole and a eyelet, the small hole slides over the end of the metal tongue while the strap folds over and mates with the stud. The pack is in good condition and although the hair is starting to wear off the cowhide in some spots all the stitching appears to be intact and the leather is still pliable.

GRADE***1/4                             PRICE $109.00

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