BACKGROUND: The success of the elliptical design was to the use of the spitfire’s fin, tail plane and wing assembly. Both the rudders and elevator’s were shaped so that the center mass shifted forward. The Mk 22/24 series was 25% larger than the Mk1. It was developed late in WWII that used 4 20mm Hispano cannon, 454 kg of bombs or rockets, Griffon 61 engine by Rolls Royce and topped a speed of 726 km/h.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A molded black plastic British Spitfire Mk.22/24 that measures approximately 14cm x 16cm that we believe would have been used on a "war table" to work out flights, etc. "British Spitfire 22" is inscribed on the bottom under the right wing. Some glue residue is also present on the opposite wing that a tag may have been affixed. Very nice interesting item.

New info added Sept 2013

In the late 40's my mother took me to visit her former public school teacher Mr. Abel at Frankland P.S. in Toronto. He had a series of about 25 of these planes strung across his classroom hanging out of reach by a thin wire.They were similar to yours and were of a black molded composite plastic. He told me at the time that they were a set that included Japanese, British, American and German models and were used for training military and civilians to recognize potential enemy aircraft and to be reported if encountered. I remember this well as he climbed up on a chair and gave me, as a gift, a Japanese fighter aircraft that I had for years. It is still vivid in my mind after all these years!

I am a happy customer of yours and was perusing your postings.


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