C002264 U.S. M1942 MOUNTAIN SLEEPING BAG. Due to the fact that the mountain soldier was responsible for carrying their own sleeping bag, made it essential to have it as light as possible. It also must be durable, warm and designed for the occupant to get out of quickly. The "mummy" sleeping bag was formed to the shape the body, use less material and less bulky. The M1942 was constructed with a down and feather mixture with a slide zipper and quick release device. The casing is made up of a water repellent balloon cloth with stitching that did not penetrate all the way through, but used alternating inner and outer stitches to a central section of cheesecloth which was used to separate the layers. The seam was reinforced against the cold by the addition of a tubular section of filler placed tightly against it. Inside this bag is stitched a large oil cloth tag with directions of use, a size "Regular", manufactured by "Buchman Mfg. Co. Inc.", "Dated 4-4-45" by the "Philadelphia, Q.M." The length is roughly 75" being 27" wide at the top and 14" at the bottom with a 28" long zipper. Shows period use and wear but overall intact and in usable condition.

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