BACKGROUND: The regiment of Joliette was from the city of Joliette in Quebec. They were separated into two battalions. They were created in January of 1943, where they went to Newfoundland, after which they came back to Canada, in February of 1944, they then departed for the UK in January of 1945. Just when they got there the unit disbanded on January 19th 1945. The 2nd Battalion, never made anywhere and they were used as a reserve.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The cap badge is 4.5cm high by 4cm wide. It is made of brass and it seems that a white metal plate was added for the center. The very top is of a Tudor crown which is the crown of the kings of England. The entire badge is framed by maple leafs which are connected by a beaver at the center of the bottom. The central coat of arms appear to be 3 ducks in a triangular shape. The center is framed by a border that reads; Le Regiment de Joliette. And the very bottom as a very traditional Latin inscription which states; Quem Timebo. This means,’Who Fears’.

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