BACKGROUND: In January 1900, Donald Smith (Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal) offered to raise and equip a mounted regiment at his own expense to serve in the South African or "Boer" War. The Regiment was made up largely from cowboys and frontiersmen of Western Canada, as well as, members of the North West Mounted Police (N.W.M.P.). Command of "Strathcona's Horse" was given to Sir Sam B. Steele. At the outbreak of World War One, the Regiment was mobilized and began its training in England. In 1915, Lord Strathcona's Horse served as infantry in the trenches in France. On 16 February 1916, the Strathcona's were reconstituted as a mounted force.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A brass cap badge that measures approximately 4cm x 4.5cm that features a King’s Crown atop a semi-circular wreath of maple leafs, roses, shamrocks and thistles with "Perseverance" embossed on a scroll beneath the crown. Atop the Lord Strathcona’s Coat of Arms is a maple tree leaning to the left as it is being cut through at the bottom by a beaver working to the base of the tree. The Coat of Arms features from the top down; a demi-lion rampart; a railroad spike crossed with a hammer and a canoe manned by four men. The reverse is a mirror image of the front with two lugs in place.

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