L027959 K98 CANVAS RECEIVER COVER. (Schützen Bedecken für K98k)

BACKGROUND: The development and production of German army ordnance was under the supervision of the HwaA, Heereswaffenamt, (Army Ordnance Office), which was a subsection of the OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), and was responsible for testing, evaluation and eventual issue of all ordnance. The HwaA would issue all ordnance to a units Quartiermeister, (Supply HQ unit/Quartermaster), which contained the units Administration, Medical, Veterinarian, and Transport officers and its main responsibility was the control of all supplies to the forward troops including all vehicle fuel, and lubricant requirements as well as animal feed and rations and ammunition and accessories. The K98 rifle evolved from the WWI Mauser Gew 98 model with slight modifications. The main modification was the shortening of the rifle. Due to restrictions of the Versailles Treaty the K98, wasn’t actual produced in Germany until 1934, although the Mauser company had licenced out production rights to other European countries. When issued the K98's were equipped with assorted accessories. The K98 receiver covers were originally developed on March 8TH 1938 and were intended to protect the K98 receiver mechanisms including the bolt, the trigger and trigger guard and the rear sight from becoming jammed with dirt and sand when the weapons were in transit. Regulations of July 1938 extended issued of the K98 canvas receiver covers to specialized personnel such as Dispatch riders, Motorcycle Infantry units and eventually Paratroopers on a limited basis. Later regulations introduced a second pattern K98 receiver cover that was basically identical to the first pattern but was constructed in waterproofed oilcloth. Of Note: Although the Luftwaffe had their own ordnance department under control of the RLM, Reichsluftfahrtministerium, (National Air Ministry), their primary focus was on aerial weapons and munitions with the basic ground based weapons obtained through the army’s ordnance department.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 16 1/2" long and 9 1/4" wide, woven blue/grey canvas construction K98 receiver cover with machine stitched seams, tan leather and natural steel fittings. The cover has a full length, side opening with six, natural steel, studs to one side of the opening and six, corresponding, leather tabs, with cut-out eyelets, to the other side of the opening for securing the cover around the receiver. The interior of the cover has a machine stitched on, protective, rectangular, tan leather panel to each end and an additional two, dual-ply, blue/grey canvas, protective, rectangular panels positioned to the bolt end to provide additional protection. One end of the cover is trimmed in leather to both the inside and outside edges while the other end of the cover has a roughly, 1 1/4" wide, mottled tan strip of protective "horsehair" felt padding to the interior edge. One of the interior protective leather panels is well marked with an impressed waffen-amt and manufacturer’s three letter code and date, "jqh 1942", indicating manufacture by Walter Krause Lederverarbeitungs-Industrie of Bromberg in 1942. The interior of the protective cover also has a faint, illegible, white inkstamp. The cover shows moderate age and usage toning, light surface spotting to the steel studs, one small handstitched repair and tow fair sized tears. Scarce K98 accessory.

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