L02651 (AIRCRAFT FACTORY) IN LINE DRILL & SOLDERING IRON. (Bohernmaschine und Lötkolben) 

BACKGROUND: As with any heavy industrial manufacturing facility the assorted aircraft producers in Third Reich Germany used a wide variety of specialized and standard tools. Originally German aircraft production fell under the control of Hermann Göring in his position as Reichsminister der Luftfahrt, (National Minister of Aviation), until June 1944 when the auspices of aircraft production was transferred to the Reichsministerium aus Bewaffnung und Kriegserzeugnis, (National Ministry of Armaments and War Production), under the control of Reichsminister Albert Speer. Most of the aircraft built during the period were constructed of light weight duraluminum or aluminum alloy frames and panels that lent themselves to the riveted manufacturing technology of the time period. The consigner reports that these two items were obtained from a veteran who had "liberated" them from a Junkers aircraft factory during the war. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The tooled steel, alloy and molded bakelite construction in-line drill is roughly 16 1/2" long with a 2" diameter bakelite handle, an 8 5/8" circumference alloy motor housing and a 3/4" diameter drill bit headpiece. The slightly mottled brown bakelite handle has a repeating grooved pattern for better grip a black bakelite on/off switch and a wire port to the end with the rubber covered wire still intact. The natural alloy motor housing has two screened ventilation panels with protective covers two inset screw headed bakelite adjustment buttons. The triple stepped natural steel headpiece has an external, diamond grooved, screw panel which adjusts three internal bit retainers allowing the drill to use a wide variety of assorted sized drill bits. The alloy motor housing is well marked with assorted impressed numerical and script markings and has a small horizontally oval aluminum plate with printed manufacturers name and electrical capacity, "Bosch EW/UR 4B 200...250V 80W", and, "Germany Importe d’Allemagne". The "liberating" veteran has replaced the electrical plug in and claims he used it after the war. The tooled, natural and blued steel and lathed wood soldering iron is roughly 14 1/4" long with a 1" diameter scalloped natural wood handle, a 3" circumference heat dissipating blued steel sleeve and a 1 1/4" circumference, pointed heating tip. The end of the handle still has its original black rubber covered electrical cord intact but the plug has been removed. The handle has a red white and blue manufacturers decal with script, "Original Ersa", and tool logo. The heat dissipating sleeve retains all of its original bluing. The natural steel heating tip is diagonally angled on each side for better contact. Interesting period manufacturing tools. These were removed from a Fighter factory in Germany, 1945, by a US vet. 

GRADE ***1/2                             PRICE $45.00

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