L024362 AIRCRAFT RADIO HOMING DEVICE (RADIO COMPASS). (Zielflugempfänger EZ6 für Luftfahrzeug)

BACKGROUND: All Luftwaffe, (Air-{Weapon}, Force), aircraft were equipped with a variety of assorted, FuG, Funkgerät, (Radio Equipment), that were primarily communications, target finding and homing type devices. The FuG 10 series consisted of two receivers and two transmitters with one receiver and transmitter having long wave frequency ranges of roughly, three to six hundred kilohertz with the other receiver and transmitter had short wave frequency ranges of roughly, three to six megahertz. This example is a type EZ6, Zielflugempfänger (Target Receiver), or Peilempfänger, (Pinpoint Receiver), utilized in conjunction with a directional loop antenna and airport radio signal transmitters as a homing device to guide aircraft to the appropriate landing field. The EZ6 was an upgraded piece of equipment was introduced circa 1943 and was utilized in most fighter aircraft produced from that point until the end of the war. Of Note: Beginning in 1938 the "RLM", Reichs Luftfahrt Ministerium, (National Ministry of Aviation), established required specifications for all aircraft instruments and equipment items as well as flight accessory items and assigned a specific, Anforderungszeichen, (Contract/Requisition), numeral to each specific instrument.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The set consists of a roughly, 7" tall, 81/2" wide, 81/2" deep, (17.7cm x 21.5cm x 21.5cm), field-grey and blue/grey painted, aluminum alloy and sheet metal casing. The obverse of the set is field-grey painted sheet metal while the remainder of the case is blue/grey painted aluminum alloy. The obverse of the set has six, assorted, circular, dials, two, multi-holed, plug outlets and a glass faced viewing window. Five of the six dials are recessed while the sixth, largest, central, dial is raised although it is set within a recess. All six dials have a unique, swivel panel handle, with embossed cross-hatched patterns, that fills half of each dial’s circular recesses and pops up so the dial can be turned. The five smaller dials were used for different purposes and labeled starting with the top left and going clockwise, "Bandbreite" (Bandwidth), "Enttrübung" (Compensation), "150-300, 300-600, 600-1200" (Frequency ranges in KHz) the next with three different symbols (for different antenna settings?) And the final one being a volume control. The larger of the dials is the tuning dial with an outer and inner adjustment. The inner adjustment is for quick tuning while the outer adjustment is for fine tuning. Rivetted to the front is a small plaque with the text "EZ6" (Designation), Gerät-Nr. 124-112 A-3", (Model {Equipment} number 124-112 A-3), "Anforderz. Ln 26582", (Contract/Requisition number Ln 26582), "Werk-Nr. 259057", (Work {Order} number 259057) and "Hersteller jcp", (Manufacturer), with the three letter code, "jcp", indicating manufacture by Siemens-Reiniger Werke A.-G. To the bottom corners are spring loaded slotted posts that are part of the quick mount system that allowed the quick change of electronic equipment to facilitate repair off site. To the reverse are two quick connect plugs. To the upper corners are two slots with roller bushing that would mate with the hooks on the mounting board while at the bottom corners can be seen the ends of the spring loaded locking fasteners. The Radio Compass is in excellent condition retaining about 95% of its paint with some minor scape marks and usage dents to the casing.

GRADE****1/2                             PRICE $200.00

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