BACKGROUND: Germany has a long history of producing some of the best master musicians in the world including the renown composers Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms and Hitler’s personal favorite Richard Wagner. With an instinctive sense of the psychological effectiveness of propaganda Hitler appointed Dr. Paul Josef Goebbels as Reichspropagandaleiter der NSDAP, (National Propaganda Leader of the NSDAP), in 1929. Having study American promotional and advertising techniques Goebbels was the prime candidate for the position and raised propaganda to a very persuasive art form. Goebbels was so successful that on March 13TH 1933 Hitler established the Ministerium für Volkserklärung und Propaganda, (Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda), and assigned Goebbels as the Reichsminister, (National Minister). Goebbels effectiveness proved invaluable to Hitler and he went to great lengths to reinforce the NSDAP and Hitler to the general populace of Germany. In his position as the National Propaganda Minister Goebbels had control of all forms of media within Germany, including all radio and movie broadcasts, art and all printed material including the press and music. Under Goebbels direction all acceptable music had to conform to the NSDAP philosophies. The German military also recognized the beneficially morale effect of music and on its inception regulations dictated that all Luftwaffe garrisons be outfitted with a band unit. These Music Corps and Drum and Fife Corps units came in assorted sizes and each regiment and independently detached battalion had one. The bands were attached to the units Headquarters Companies and on active mobilization the bands were to be transferred to another unit. Drummers performing within a Drum and Fife Corps utilized small, snare drums that came equipped with assorted accessories including drums sticks a drum stick carrying pouch and a drum hanger. The drum hangers were suspended from specific straps and secured the drum to the musician.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The roughly, 12cm tall, 9cm wide, silver washed, cast alloy construction drum hanger features an embossed, early, "droop-tailed" style, Luftwaffe eagle clutching a canted swastika in its talons, encompassed by an embossed, ornamental oak-leaves and acorn design. The hanger has a rounded top edge with dual, vertically extended, arms that secure an alloy, swivel attachment ring. The slightly diagonally angled bottom edge has a central, vertically extended panel with an embossed, ornamental oak-leaves and acorn design flanked by dual, riveted on, turned up, drum support hooks. The reverse of the hanger is well marked with the faint, impressed manufacturer’s name and location "Juncker Berlin". Complete with original leather hanger.

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