L021482 "LKpW100" WINTER FLIGHT HELMET. (Fliegerkopfhaube für Winter)

BACKGROUND: With the advent of military aircraft in WWI most of the early pilots soon discovered that appropriate protective headgear was a necessity due to the cold and the all too frequent occurrence of oil leaking into the slipstream and covering the pilot. Originally the German military was caught unprepared and no specific headgear or uniforms for pilots were available. This resulted in the pilots utilizing commercially produced motor car helmets. These tight fitting, soft leather helmets proved to be ideal and future flight helmets were basically modified versions of the early motor car helmets. During WWII the Luftwaffe utilized no fewer then ten slightly different models of flight helmets with the main modifications being helmets issued for summer or winter wear and helmets with or without integral radio communication fittings. The LKpW100 model helmet was designed for winter wear and was outfitted with radio equipment as used by fighter pilots and bomber commanders.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Five panel, brown, grained kid leather construction winter flight helmet with integral communications equipment and a white sheep’s wool lining. The helmet has a three point oxygen mask attachment layout consisting of a partially tunnel looped, adjustable fabric strap with a sheet metal gripper buckle to the reverse and a metal loop to the obverse positioned at the top center of the helmet and a protruding brass hook to either side positioned just below the earphones. Throat microphone has been removed. Nice tag. Size marked 57. Rare flight helmet.

GRADE *** 3/4                             PRICE $1,165.00

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