L020979 PST 4004 FLIGHT BOOTS. (Flieger Pelzstiefel 4004)

BACKGROUND: Development of protective flight uniforms, equipment and footwear began with the advent of military aircraft in WWI and continued on into the Weimar Republic, (Circa 1919-1933), and the Third Reich eras. With a drop in temperature, (lapse rate), of roughly one degree Celsius per one hundred meters of altitude it can get considerably cooler at even relatively low flight altitudes. Considering the temperature/altitude lapse rate the requirement for warm footwear becomes evident. Flight boots were considered an integral part of the flight suit and originally Third Reich era flight personnel wore the previously introduced fur lined over-boots but further production was discontinued by regulations of June 16TH 1939. The first flight boots developed during the Third Reich were the fur lined, model Pst 3, boots as introduced on November 6TH 1935. On September 22ND 1937 an improved version of the Pst 3 flight boots were introduced and designated as model Pst 4004. Both the Pst 3 and the Pst4004 boots were utilized through-out the war. The Pst 4004 flight boots were produced in two, slightly different versions with one having vertical zippers to both the inner and outer leg/calf sections while the other version only had the vertical zipper to the inner leg/calf section. Additional flight boots were introduced during the war including the electrically heated, fur lined, flight boots as introduced on February 16TH 1940 and all followed the same basic design.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Nice quality, multi-panel construction, Pst 4004 flight boots with brushed, leather, (suede), upper calf sections and smooth, blackened leather lower calf and foot sections. The boots are roughly, 35cm tall from the top of the heel to the top of the back calf section. Boots measure 31cm from the tip of the heal to the tip of the toe. Zippers and snaps still function fine. Nice Rbnr# marking. Nice boots.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $495.00

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