BACKGROUND: The Geschwader Hindenburg, (Hindenburg Squadron), Commemorative Honor cufftitle was one of a series of commemorative honor cufftitles introduced by the Luftwaffe, (Air-{Weapon}, Force), to honor fallen comrades and heroic pilots of WWI. Regulations for the introduction of the Geschwader Hindenburg cufftitle were initiated by Hitler on April 20TH 1936 and the cufftitle was officially introduced on May 6TH 1936 for wear by all personnel serving with Fliegergeschwader Greifswald, (Flight Squadron Greifswald). The cufftitle was to be worn by all ranks on the lower right sleeve of the service tunic and officer’s were also authorized wear of the cufftitle on the lower right sleeve of the flight blouse and the optional white summer tunic. Officer’s cufftitle were produced in hand embroidered, silver/aluminum, wire threads while EM/NCO’s cufftitles were produced in machine embroidered, silver/grey threads. Of Note: During the war the unit was renamed Kampfgeschwader 152 , (Bomber Wing 152) and eventually Kampfgeschwader 1, but personnel retained the right to wear the cufftitle. The honorary name on the cufftitle was to commemorate REICHS Präsident and Generalfeldmarschall Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg. Of Note: Von Hindenburg, (October 2ND 1847- August 2ND 1934), originally served in the Prussian army, participating in both the Austro-Prussian war of 1866 and the Franco-Prussian war of liberation in 1870-1871, before retiring in 1911. With the outbreak of WWI von Hindenburg returned to active service as a commander of German troops on the eastern front on August 22ND 1914. Von Hindenburg, along with his chief of staff Erich Ludendorff, commanded the German troops in successful battles against the Russians at Tannenberg and the Masurian Lakes in August and September 1914, which resulted in von Hindenburg being appointed as the Supreme Commander of German troops on the eastern front on November 1ST 1914 and promotion to Generalfeldmarschall, (General Field Marshall), on November 27TH 1914. On August 29TH 1916 von Hindenburg was appointed as the Supreme Commander of all German troops and transferred to the western front. Although able to stabilize a worsening situation, for a short period of time, von Hindenburg realized the futility of the battle and successfully retreated the German’s to the Hindenburg line, and eventually back to the German "homeland", when the final surrender came in November 1918. After WWI von Hindenburg again settled into retirement until he was swayed to enter politics and won the election of April 26TH 1925, making him the second president of the short-lived Weimar Republic, (Circa 1919-1933). Although allegedly he disliked and distrusted Hitler, von Hindenburg was growing old and apparently somewhat feeble minded and was forced to form a coalition government with the NSDAP in 1932 that was instrumental in eventually bringing the NSDAP to power when von Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor on January 30TH 1933. After Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor von Hindenburg’s power and influence continued to decline until his death on August 2ND 1934, which led to Hitler merging the offices of Chancellor and President into one, which gave him ultimate governmental control.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 1 1/4", (3.2 cm), tall, 14", (35. 5 cm), long, woven, deep navy blue, wool construction, Officer’s cufftitle with hand embroidered, Gothic styled script, "Geschwader Hindenburg", in bright, silver/aluminum wire threads. The cufftitle has the typical opened back construction with machine stitched seams to both the top and bottom edges. Both ends of the cufftitle are folded and stitched to the reverse and the reverse of the cufftitle has a full length, protective, mid-blue strip of fabric inserted in place. The cufftitle is in overall fairly good condition with light age and usage toning, light to moderate nap wear and about a half dozen small moth nips. The moth nips are not overly distracting as the inserted strip of protective fabric to the reverse "camouflage" them somewhat. Seldom encountered Officer’s cufftitle.

GRADE ***1/2                             PRICE $645.00

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