L014777 K98 COMBAT BAYONET. (Seitengewehr 98K)

BACKGROUND: The K98 bayonet was a modification of the already modified S84/98 bayonet that had been developed in 1915. Manufacture of this new modified bayonet began in 1934 with mass production beginning in 1936.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly 25cm long, drop forged, steel blade with wide fullers, retains near all of its original blueing. Both sides of the ricasso are well marked with, impressed serial number, "8564", to the obverse and the manufacturers code to the reverse, "S/155". Of Note: The S-codes were the first code system used on bayonets during Germany’s rearmament and were utilized to conceal the armament factories from the allies. These S-codes were generally used from 1934 to 1937, although a few bayonets manufactured as late as 1940 have been observed with this code system. The spine is also well marked with stamped date, "37". The bayonet has nicely grained natural hardwood grips which are secured to the tang by two, flush, screw head bolts. The "TO" slotted, stylized eagle head pommel has dual waffen-amt stamps. The rifle attachment stud button still functions. The bayonet comes complete with a blued sheet metal scabbard which retains most of its original bluing. The obverse of the scabbard has stamped, serial numbers, "8564". The bottom ball tip of the scabbard is waffen-amt stamped. The throat retaining screw and the frog attachment lug are both intact. Comes with it original frog and Herman Göring Divsion EM’s bayonet knot. Super nice!

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $495.00

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