BACKGROUND: Personal and unit command pennants were an old German Army tradition which was continued and expanded during the Third Reich and included new designs and patterns for the fledgling Luftwaffe. Regulations concerning Luftwaffe personal and unit command pennants can be found dated as early as January 1935, before the formation of the Luftwaffe was officially announced. The personal and unit command pennants underwent numerous minor alterations at various times through-out the war. The Officer’s vehicle pennant was introduced on December 27TH 1935 and was originally designated, Dienstwimpel, (Service Pennant), on April 27TH 1937 the designation was altered to Luftwaffenwimpel, (Air Force Pennant). This pattern pennant was utilized by Officer’s who were not authorized a command or staff pennant. The pennant was flown from the left, front, fender of the Officer’s official or personal vehicle, when the Officer was uniformed and in the vehicle. Of Note: Regulations also dictated that the vehicle flying the pennant be of German manufacture and in good condition. Further regulations of June 17TH 1938 permitted all Luftwaffe personnel, regardless of rank, to fly the vehicle pennant on privately owned cars as long as it was being driven by uniformed personnel. Pennants on private cars were often not stiffened, but rather free-flying.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 23cm tall at the hoist end, 40cm long, horizontal, isosceles triangle, woven, dual-ply, Luftwaffe blue/grey cotton construction pennant features a nicely detailed, machine embroidered, second pattern Luftwaffe eagle in silvery/white threads with blue/grey accent threads, to the center of each side. The eagles wingspan is roughly, 18cm from tip to tip. Original celluloid cover (one crack to the back side) and steel frame. Original protective case is also included. Nice!

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $1,295.00

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