L013475 FIRST PATTERN DAGGER. (Fliegerdolch)

BACKGROUND: In March 1933 the Deutscher Luftsport Verband, (German Air Sports League), was established by incorporating all civilian flying clubs into the one organization. The DLV was utilized as a camouflage civilian organization to train personnel for the future Luftwaffe. As a civilian organization it was able to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the Versailles Treaty, which prohibited a German military air service. In February and April 1934 respectively the DLV introduced a dagger for Officer’s and a knife for all ranks. Later in 1934 members of the Fliegerschaft, the secret military branch of the DLV, adopted both side arms for wear. Shortly after the unveiling of the Luftwaffe in March 1935 a modified version of the DLV’s Officer’s dagger was adopted for wear by Luftwaffe Officer’s and EM/NCO’s personnel who held a valid pilots licence. Originally the early daggers were produced utilizing nickel/silver fittings until 1936 when the early fittings were replaced with polished natural aluminum fittings. Of Note: On July 15TH 1937 a second pattern Luftwaffe dagger was introduced was introduced for wear by Officers, Senior Officer Candidates and Officials with the equivalent Officers ranks and the first pattern dagger was discontinued.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Early, roughly 31cm long, bright, nickel/silver plated, drop forged steel, double edged, stiletto style blade with a flat central plane. The blade is still very bright and clean and shows minimal light surface scratching and scabbard runners. Maker marked to Alcosa. The original pebbled, blue leather washer is intact. The dagger has a cast, nickel/silver plated alloy crossguard and pommel. The crossguard is in the form of extended, horizontal, down swept, stylized wings with a raised, central, circular panel with a gilt washed, sunwheel swastika to each side of the circular panel. The formed wooden grip is wrapped in blue Moroccan leather (shows wear) with dual twisted nickel/silver plated wire wrap flanked by a single strand of straight wire to both the top and bottom edges. The circular pommel also has gilt washed, sunwheel swastikas to each side. The dagger comes complete with its original, blue Moroccan leather wrapped scabbard with three nickel/silver plated alloy fittings. All scabbard screws are complete. The top and center fittings each have a hanger ring and an integral nickel/silver plated alloy hanger with nine circular links to the top hanger and fourteen circular links to the bottom hanger. Both the top and bottom chain link hangers are attached to a nickel/silver plated alloy friction clip.

GRADE *** 3/4                             PRICE $995.00

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