BACKGROUND: The Reichsluftwaffe was official established on February 26TH 1935 as the third branch of service of the Armed Forces. On March 9TH 1935 the formation of the new Reichsluftwaffe was announced to the foreign press and on March 16TH conscription was reintroduced for all three branches of service. On May 21ST 1935 the Reichsluftwaffe designation was altered to Luftwaffe. The standard pattern service uniform was adopted by the Luftwaffe in March 1935, and was based on the uniform worn by personnel in the Deutscher Luftsport Verband, (German Air Sports League), a civilian forerunner of the Luftwaffe, as early as 1933, with minor modifications. The 1935 pattern uniform tunic was designated Tuchrock, (Cloth tunic), and was worn open at the neck. On November 11TH 1938 a new pattern tunic was introduced that had allowances for it to be worn closed at the neck. The 1938 pattern tunic was designated Anzugrock, (Uniform tunic), and was intended to replace the 1935 pattern Tuchrock and the Fliegerbluse, (Flight Blouse). The 1938 pattern tunic eventually did replace the Tuchrock, but not the Fliegerbluse. Of Note: The German armed forces had a tradition, dating from the 1700's, of maintaining a separate branch of Administrative Officialís attached to the army to oversee all administrative functions, thus freeing up active army Officerís and allowing them to concentrate on actual military matters. The Officialís were responsible for a wide variety of administrative tasks from Court Martial, Librarian, Supply, Technical and Meteorological Services, to School, Barracks, and Hospital administration. Most officials careers consisted of four varying grades, of high, elevated, medium and low grade with slightly differing identifying insignia for each grade. The grade of the career was determined by the education and/or experience of the individual. Prior to the official formation of the Luftwaffe they also established a separate branch of Administrative Officialís who were not classed as military personnel but rather as civilian members of the Luftwaffe. The different branches of service within the Luftwaffe were allocated specific identifying waffenfarbe, (Branch of Service Color), with dark green being chosen for all Administrative Officialís with a secondary color, (Nebenfarbe), determining their actual career/function that was only displayed on the shoulder straps/boards. The Administrative Officialís collar tabs were somewhat different then the standard Luftwaffe collar tabs in that they utilized rank/position triangular pips as opposed to the rank "gulls". The Administrative Officialís collar tabs did not indicate a specific rank/position but rather rank/position groups within specific career levels. The collar tab piping distinguished the particular career level with high grade career personnel having gilt piping, elevated career personnel with silver/aluminum piping, medium grade career personnel with alternating silver/aluminum and green piping and no piping for low grade career personnel.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Excellent, private purchase, 1935 pattern, Luftwaffe blue/grey, wool/rayon blend construction tunic with a pronounced whipcord weave. The tunic features a vertical, four button front closure with small, upswept, fold back lapels and a lay down collar. The tunic has four, pleated, patch, front pockets with straight edged button down flaps. The right breast has a hand embroidered Luftwaffe eagle in bright silver/aluminum wire threads with grey cotton thread accents on a cut-out blue/grey wool base. The eagle is neatly handstitched to the tunic. Loops for a long ribbon bar and for three awards on the pocket. The straight cut sleeves have deep fold back French cuffs which are tacked in the upright position at both the inner and outer sleeve seams. Nice original High Grade Officials Collar tabs and Majorís shoulder boards. The forward edge of the collar is trimmed in bright, twisted, silver/aluminum cording. The interior of the tunic is fully lined in grey rayon with off-white, striped sleeves. The lining has a horizontal slash pocket to the left and right breasts and a small horizontal slash to the reverse of the left exterior pocket for the sword/dagger hanger. The tunic is in overall very nice untouched condition. The buttons are all the bright, silver washed, pebbled magnetic sheet metal type. The tunic is roughly size 36" chest. All insignia and buttons looks to be original untouched period stitching. Nice Hamburg Tailorís label and the interior pocket has the original owners name with a 1942 date. Shows the expected period use and wear but overall nice condition. Nice!

GRADE ****                             PRICE $1,100.00

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