BACKGROUND: The SHD, Sicherheits und Hilfs Dienst, (Security and Assistance Service), was originally formed in 1935 as a uniformed, civilian, organization under control of the RLM, Reichsluftfahrtministerium, (National Ministry of Aviation). The SHD worked hand in hand with the RLB, Reichs Luftschutz Bund, (National Air Raid Protection League), and the LSW, Luftschutzwarndienst, (Air Raid Warning Service), in the civil air defence network with its primary functions being decontamination, fire fighting, rescue and repair and assisting civilian personnel and securing buildings following an air raid. Of Note: In 1939 the SHD began conscripting personnel and on March 19TH 1942 the organization was renamed Luftschutz-Polizei, (Air Protection Police), and came under control of the Ordnungspolizei, (Order Police). The "Schiffchenform", (Boat form), style overseas cap was originally developed by the DLV, Deutscher Luftsportverband, (German Air Sports Association), the civilian forerunner of the Luftwaffe, in 1933, and was adopted by the Luftwaffe shortly after its official establishment on February 26TH 1935. Overseas caps for SHD and LSW personnel were drawn from Luftwaffe stock and as a result were identical to the Luftwaffe issue with different insignia.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Black, wool/rayon blend construction cap features fold down side and back panels with gently sloping, downward scallops to the front and forward sides. Top of the cap is piped in dark blue rayon. The front center of the cap has a machine embroidered, rayon, Luftschutz emblem as utilized by the RLB, LSW and the SHD. The emblem features silvery/grey, stylized, spread wings with a central oak-leaf sprig and a canted swastika positioned below a scripted banner, "Luftschutz" on a cut-out, woven navy blue rayon base. Insignia is neatly handstitched to the cap. The interior of the cap is fully lined in blue rayon. Sweatband is complete. Size marked 56 ½ . Nice cap.    (Ex Philippe Gillain Collection)

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $476.00 (Or Best Offer)

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