L012761 FLIGHT NAVIGATION MAP OF FRANCE. (Navigationskarte)

BACKGROUND: As with other armed forces the Germans had a KuVA, Kriegskarten-und Vermessungswesen Abteilung, (War Maps and Surveying Department), under command of the OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), and the OKW, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, (High Command of the Armed Forces). The war maps and surveying department was responsible for all army issue maps and worked in conjunction with the German Reichsamt für Landesaufnahme, (National Land Survey Office). Regulations dictated that armed forces issued maps were exclusively for use of armed forces personnel and that any reproduction or improper usage were punishable offences. The German Luftwaffe also utilized a wide variety of navigational accessories and maps in all theatres of battle. As a relatively new branch of service the Luftwaffe utilized maps produced by the KuVa but also produced their own maps under the supervision of the RLM’s, Reichsluftfahrtministerium, (National Air Ministry), Generalstab der Luftwaffe, (Air-Force General Staff). Maps produced specifically for the Luftwaffe used a specific Gradnetzmeldeverfahren, ({Map}, Degree Network Reference System), based on the Greenwich longitude/latitude degree system to pinpoint a precise location on any map. Of Note: The Luftwaffe’s Gradnetzmeldeverfahren differed slightly from the coordinate systems used by the army and the navy.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 59cm x 57cm, 1:5 000,000E scale, a single sided, multi-color, yellow tinged, oilcloth construction, flight navigational map featuring France. The map shows all the topographical features such as elevations, rivers, lakes and seas and also shown are villages, towns and cities, as well as the road and rail networks. The map also has an over-printed, longitude degree markings and a repeating, square grid scale with the corresponding reference location numeral to each. Printed along the top is "Carte de France et des pays limitrophes au Normale Auegabe" and "Sonderausgabe (Special Edition)" On the reverse is hand written in black ink "M1:500 000 Paris." It is in overall very good condition with minor age toning. There is some minor fraying along bottom edge.

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