L012081 MESS HALL/FIELD KITCHEN GRAVY/SAUCE SERVING BOAT. (Saucière/Soßenboot für Kantine/Feldküche).

BACKGROUND: As with any nation’s military the Germans had garrisons and barracks to house and care for its troops when they were not in the field. Following the old adage that, "an army runs on its stomach", one of the major concerns and main benefits of military life was the guarantee of three "square" meals a day. When in garrison/barracks these meals were served in mess halls that had to be outfitted with enough cutlery and stoneware to serve the number of personnel stationed there. When in the field, personnel would receive their food from the unit’s mobile field kitchen. The German army had a tradition, dating from the 1700's, of maintaining a separate branch of Administrative Officials attached to the army to oversee all administrative functions, thus freeing up active army Officers and allowing them to concentrate on actual military matters. The Officials were responsible for a wide variety of administrative tasks from Court Martial, Librarian, Supply, Technical and Meteorological Services, to School, Hospital and Barracks administration. Most Officials careers consisted of four varying grades, of high, elevated, medium and low grade with slightly differing identifying insignia for each grade. The grade of the career was determined by the education and/or experience of the individual. Prior to the official formation of the Luftwaffe, (Air-{Weapon}, Force), they also established a separate branch of Administrative Officials who were not classed as military personnel but rather as civilian members of the Luftwaffe. The outfitting of Luftwaffe garrisons and barracks was the responsibility of the Flieger Unterkunfts Verwaltung, (Flight Barracks Administration), which included providing the required utensils for the mess halls and the field kitchens. Of Note: Regulations authorized each combat soldier a daily food ration which was most commonly prepared in the field by a unit’s mobile field kitchen and distributed to the front line troops but this wasn’t always possible in combat situations. As a result, front line combat soldiers were to be supplied with assorted canned rations and some bread to be carried individually in the event that food from the field kitchen couldn’t reach their positions.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A white glazed stoneware, single piece construction gravy boat that measures 27cm long x 12cm high. The bottom is well marked with black print under glaze, Luftwaffe eagle flank by the letters, "Fl." and "U.V", indicating, Flieger Unterkunft Verwaltung, (Flight Barracks Administration). The bottom of the plate also has the black, print under glaze, manufacturer's name, and date of 1942. Nice clean example.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $249.00

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