BACKGROUND: The Greatcoat was an essential uniform item worn by all ranks, with minor variations, and followed the basic design of the Imperial German army’s greatcoat. The Luftwaffe version of the greatcoat was first introduced by the DLV, Deutscher Luftsport Verband, (German Air Sports League), the clandestine, civil forerunner of the Luftwaffe, and was adopted for wear in the Luftwaffe on its inception in March 1935. During the war the standard issue greatcoat underwent a few minor modifications. The early production greatcoats came with button holes on both the left and right front closure panels which allowed the coat to be button up either left or right handedly and small metal hooks positioned at both sides of the bottom front closure panels, and additional small metal hooks positioned at both sides of the reverse tail skirt vent with corresponding thread loops situated at the side seams just below the waistline designed to allow the wearer to hook the tail skirt up out of the way when mounted or on the march. Both of these features were abolished by regulations of March 20TH 1940 although they were not strictly adhered to. Originally the buttons on the greatcoats for the ranks of Soldat to Oberst were silver finished while the ranks of Generalmajor to Reichsmarschall wore gilt finished buttons but just prior to the war buttons for the ranks of Soldat to Stabsfeldwebel were altered to a blue/grey finish. Unlike the army Luftwaffe personnel utilized collar tabs on their greatcoats until regulations of May 29TH 1942 abolished the collar tabs for EM/NCO personnel with the stipulation that they be removed by October 1ST 1942. Additional regulations of January 4TH 1943 reinstated the use of collar tabs on the greatcoat for EM/NCO personnel serving with Herman Göring Wacht Regiment Berlin, (Guard Regiment), and the Führer-Flakabteilung, (Führer Anti-Aircraft Battalion). Besides the standard greatcoat the Luftwaffe also introduced a heavy surcoat with an additional blanket lining for stationary personnel and drivers of opened cab vehicles and on October 17TH 1942 the Luftwaffe introduced the universal greatcoat that was intended to replace both the standard greatcoat and the surcoat but the change over was never complete and the standard greatcoat was worn through-out the war. Officers and certain senior NCO ranks were responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and as a result were allotted a clothing allowance through the Luftwaffe’s Verkaufsabteilung, (Air-Force Sales Department), system. The Officers and certain senior NCO’s could choose to purchase their uniforms from the armed forces clothing depots or to privately purchase garments of higher quality. Although enlisted personnel were issued their uniforms from government supplies they were also permitted to purchase privately tailored uniforms although the price may have been restrictive.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Heavy, Luftwaffe blue/grey wool construction, double breasted style, full length, greatcoat features dual, vertical, parallel, rows of six, front closure buttons with corresponding button eyelets on the left front panel and dual button eyelets on the right front panel, with one positioned at the waistline and the other to the top corner of the right lapel. Buttons are a combination of original and period replaced stitching. Nice salty/worn pair of signals slip on shoulder straps. Chevron was removed from the sleeve. Roughly a size 36" chest. Shows the expected age, period use and wear.

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