L010681 LUFTWAFFE MARITIME PERSONNEL’S VISOR CAP INSIGNIA. (Seemänisches Personal Abzeichen für Schirmmütze)

BACKGROUND: Prior to the war, (Circa 1935), the Luftwaffe, (Air-Force), had established the Marinefliegerverbände, (Naval Aviation Units/Formation), consisting of both air-borne and sea-borne units under the command of Befehlshaber der Marinefliegerverbände und Inspektor der Seeflieger, (Commander of the Naval Aviation Units and Inspector of Naval Aviation. Naval Aviation Units personnel consisted of regular Luftwaffe personnel and additional civilian personnel. The civilian personnel were not granted the status of soldiers or officials but were considered members of the Wehrmacht Gefolge, (Armed Forces Retinue), classified as civilian Angestellte, (Employees), holding positions equivalent to Officer’s and NCO’s and, Arbeiter, (Workers), holding positions equivalent to enlisted personnel. The Naval Aviation branch of service consisted of assorted types of units that included Seestaffeln/Bordfliegerstaffeln, (See Squadrons/On-Board Flight Squadrons), Küstenfliegerstaffeln, (Coastal Flight Squadrons), Flugbetriebsboote, (Flight/Air Service Vessels), Versorgungsboote, (Supply Vessels), and Seenotdienst, (Sea Rescue/Emergency Service), among others. The civilian personnel of the Naval Aviation Units were outfitted with navy blue uniforms including visor caps that were styled after merchant marine and Kriegsmarine, (War Navy), uniforms, with specific, identifying, insignia. The civilian, Naval Aviation Units personnel’s visor cap insignia was issued in both gilt and silver and it is speculated that the gilt insignia was intended for personnel holding "Officer’s" or nautical positions while the silver insignia was intended for personnel holding "Enlisted" or technical positions.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly 50mm tall and 115mm wide, die stamped aluminum construction Luftwaffe Maritime personnel’s visor cap insignia featuring two, cut-out, diagonally angled, crossed anchors surmounted by a canted, pebbled finished, swastika and flanked by extended horizontal wings. The insignia has nice detailing including cut-outs to the anchors and arms of the swastika and "feathering" to the extended wings. The reverse of the insignia is a mirror image of the obverse and has one of its original two attachment prongs intact. Unmarked. Scarce Luftwaffe Maritime personnel’s visor cap insignia.

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